Taylor Swift Already Penning Revenge Song About Harry Styles, Probably

Singer tweets that she’s back in the studio, blogosphere goes wild

Taylor Swift never says whom her songs are about but, if you think about it, neither does she need to because everybody else is willing to do that for her. Her most recent tweet seems to indicate she’s already using her latest breakup for inspiration.

“Back in the studio. Uh oh…” the country pop star tweeted a few hours ago, shortly after word got out that she and Harry Styles of One Direction had already split after just 2 months together.

Either Taylor knows the kind of fun we’re having with guessing which song is for which ex, or she’s dead serious and she’s already using her latest breakup for lyrical inspiration.

Of course, there’s always the third possibility, namely that the “uh oh” part of the tweet has nothing to do with Styles.

I guess we’ll find out when her next song comes out.

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