Taylor Lautner Reveals Biggest “Twilight” Regret

Actor promotes “Breaking Dawn Part 2,” takes a look back at the vampire franchise

Taylor Lautner knows he owes his entire career in the industry to “The Twilight Saga” but that’s not the only thing that he takes from the experience now that it’s over. As it happens, he also has a couple of regrets.

Speaking to Access Hollywood, the hunky actor admitted that his biggest was, believe it or not, not taking the wig he wore in the first film.

It was a horrendous thing, he says, but producers told him he could have it as a souvenir. Glad to be done with it (his character had cut his hair short), he refused but now he’s sorry he did.

Check out the two videos below to hear what else Taylor had to say about the vampire franchise that literally put him on the map.

In a separate interview with E! (video here), Lautner says one thing he won’t be regretting about “Twilight” is having to go shirtless in bad weather.

“When we film these movies in like horrendous weather conditions and in the books it's always supposed to be cold and gloomy and the sun can never be out so that's not fun. […] I'm always the only person with my shirt off, so... I wish just everybody could, you know, do it once and then you know, it would make me feel more comfortable,” Taylor joked.

Chances of that happening are, of course, slim to none.

“The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2” will be out on November 16.

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