Taylor Lautner Celebrates 21st Birthday with Kristen Stewart

They might be done with “Twilight,” but they remain close friends

Taylor Lautner, the handsome and ripped young star of “The Twilight Saga,” who played wolf Jake (Team Jake all the way!), is officially of age. The actor turned 21 earlier this week and, according to a new report, celebrated with good friend Kristen Stewart.

Stewart, as fans must know, was also on the franchise, playing Bella Swan, as was her real-life boyfriend Robert Pattinson as well.

The three became good friends back in the day when they were still shooting the first film and, as per Us Weekly, they remain on excellent terms.

“[Lautner] celebrated his special day by going bowling with friends – including his former costar Kristen Stewart,” the celebrity publication writes.

“The intimate party kicked off around 9:30 p.m. in a private area at Lucky Strike in Hollywood on Saturday, Feb. 9, a source tells Us Weekly. Spring Breakers actress Ashley Benson and Arnold Schwarzenegger's son Patrick were in attendance,” says the report.

The group, which made sure no paparazzi had gotten wind of their little sortie, bowled, listened to music and ate pizza and snacks.

He might be one of the richest young actors in Hollywood right now, but Lautner and his friends are no different from regular Joes and Janes in this regard.

An insider tells Us that Kristen arrived a bit later than the rest of the group, but made sure she stayed until the end.

“She was being fun and social, bowling and high-fiving. She and Taylor definitely seemed to be good friends and she was living it up,” the tipster shares.

“Taylor was super nice, very polite. Everyone was having a blast. Everyone was super into the bowling [and Lautner] is really good [at it],” the same source says.

Taylor didn’t drink alcohol since the party actually took place before he became of age. Still, everyone had a lot of fun, himself included.

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