Tattooed Youth Librarians in Massachusetts Put Out Calendar

The calendars are selling for $21 (€16) a piece, and they feature 16 models

The Tattooed Youth Librarians in Massachusetts aims to change people's perception about the occupants of their position by putting out a calendar. Yes, you read it right, this organization exists and it wants to sell you a calendar.

16 librarians posed for the first issue, in an effort to fight stereotypes and help rebuild libraries. They were inspired by the librarians of Texas, who put together a similar publication.

As you can gather from the video, there is even a male model in the catalog. Mr. August 2013 Peter Struzziero stars along Miss July Nicole Giroux in this teaser clip. One of his favorite tattoos is that of Obi-Wan Kenobi. Obi covers up a tattoo of Jesus, which was too big to remove.

In case you were wondering, they all made sure their pictures would be classy, librarian Sharon Colvin says.

“It’s not going to do us any good to be super-scandalous. We’re still professional and we still want respect,” she is quoted by WBUR as saying.

According to the Massachusetts Library Association website, the calendars are selling for $21 (€16) a pop, and they are proving quite popular.

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