Tatler Magazine’s Dachshund, Alan, Was Killed by a Revolving Door

The dog's neck got caught in the door, efforts to save it failed

This past Monday, Tatler magazine suffered a huge loss when their office pet, a Dachshund named Alan, got caught in a revolving door and passed away despite efforts to save it.

Information made available to the public thus far says that one of the magazine’s employees had taken the pup out for a walk and that, upon their return, the latter wished to follow a man through the door leading to the magazine’s offices in central London.

Unfortunately, Alan focused too much on the man and stopped paying attention to the revolving door's movements. Because of this, its neck got caught up in it.

Sources report that two fire engines and 10 firefighters arrived at the scene as soon as possible, but failed to rescue this unlucky Dachshund.

“He was so awesome and so very loved,” said Tatler's Editor Assistant and Alan's owner, Jennifer George.

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