Tasque 0.1.12 Now Uses Xbuild

A few much-needed fixes have also been implemented in the latest update

By on October 30th, 2012 10:11 GMT

Tasque, a simple task management application (TODO list) for the Linux Desktop, has just reached version 0.1.12.

Tasque 0.1.12 has a lot of fixes, but the most important change is the decision to use xbuild for the build. Developers say that an interface for autotools build is in place, so "./configure && make && make install" still work.

Highlights of Tasque 0.1.12:

• gtk-update-icon-cache is not run anymore after install;
• configure checks now for Mono.Data.Sqlite;
• A fix for "Remove gnome-sharp and gconf dependencies" has been implemented;
• A fix for "Tasque build-depends on gtk-dotnet-sharp" has been implemented;
• Adding task by clicking anywhere in the window now possible;
• dbus-sharp is now used instead of NDesk.DBus;
• A few translation updates have been implemented.

Check out the official changelog for a complete list of updates.

Download Tasque 0.1.12
right now from Softpedia.