“Tasmanian Devils” Red Band Trailer: Danica McKellar Is Unstoppable

SyFy Original Film premieres tomorrow, will bring plenty of gore

Get ready for the premiere of a new SyFy Original Film, “Tasmanian Devils,” which recently got a red band trailer meant to give you an idea of the kind of gore that’s in store for you.

Hint: plenty of it.

Check it out above but, this being a red band release and all, *please bear in mind that it contains images of violence that might offend.

The story is that Tasmanian devils are neither cute nor crazy like the famous cartoon character, since they descend from underground monsters that are practically unstoppable.

That is, until they come across Danica McKellar’s character.

“Tasmanian Devils” also stars Apolo Ohno and plenty of other actors you will recognize from “Battlestar Galactica” or “24.”

It marks Zach Lipovsky's debut in film, and premieres on January 19.

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