Taryn Manning Arrested for Beating Up Makeup Artist

Attorney for the “8 Mile” star says the incident has been blown out of proportion

Taryn Manning, whom fans must remember from Eminem’s critically acclaimed film “8 Mile” but who’s also striving to attain fame as a singer, has been arrested for allegedly putting the beatdown on her makeup artist and good friend. Her attorney is now saying the incident has been blown out of proportion.

In a statement to People magazine, Manning’s legal rep says that her arrest of late last week did indeed occur because she became physically aggressive towards her makeup artist, but insists that it wasn’t as bad as it was made out to be in the press.

“Manning, 33, allegedly punched and kicked the woman in an early morning fight, which occurred at the Dream Downtown Hotel in the city's Chelsea neighborhood, the same place where Lindsay Lohan was involved in an automobile accident with a pedestrian recently,” People magazine writes.

Joe Tacopina, who will represent Manning in a court of law for the incident, stresses that his client and the victim of the assault, Holly Hartman, are actually friends, and this was nothing but an altercation between friends.

“They'd been together every waking minute and they got on each other's nerves and had a little incident. It was a minor physical incident,” Tacopina says.

He adds that Manning and Hartman have known each other for most of their adult life and are extremely close.

“I expect it to be resolved based on conversation I had with [Holly Hartman],” the attorney explains.

Hartman has no plans to press changes so, in more ways than one, this could actually go away with a simple “conversation” with her.

Manning was arraigned and released on bail on Friday, shortly after the arrest. She is yet to personally make any comment about the incident that put her back in the spotlight – but in such a negative fashion.

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