Target Warns Customers of Phishing Attacks and Scams

The company says it's aware of a limited number of incidents

Unsurprisingly, cybercriminals and scammers have started launching schemes that leverage the recent Target hack. The retailer says that it is aware of “limited incidents of phishing or scam communications.” 

Customers are advised to check out the official communications from Target on the dedicated resource page set up on the company’s corporate website. All other communications are likely part of malicious schemes.

In a statement published just before Christmas, Target representatives say they continue to work with authorities, including the Secret Service and the US Department of Justice, on the forensic and criminal investigation.

Rumors have surfaced recently saying that the hackers might have gained access to some PIN data, but the company is denying it.

The company has tripled its call center support in order to handle the large number of customer complaints. In the meantime, an FAQ has been published to answer some of the questions that people impacted by the breach might have.

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