“Tan Mom” Is Moving to Britain to Escape U.S. Tanning Ban

Patricia Krentcil plans to leave New Jersey for London

Patricia Krentcil, dubbed the tan mom because of her love for tanning salons, has stated that she is moving to Britain to keep up with her favorite beauty routine.

Krentcil, from New Jersey, reportedly encouraged her six-year-old daughter to try out artificial tanning, earning the nickname “worst mom in the U.S.”

As a result, the state of Jersey has banned her from entering a tanning salon. According to the New York Daily News, she plans to move to London, where she can obtain the look she desires without being judged.

“I could go tanning if I wanted to. I just haven't. [...] It would be great to go abroad and have a new style of life,” Krentcil says.

Krentcil claims to be addicted to artificial tanning, going to a parlor about 20 times every month to feed her addiction.

“My love of tanning started when I was about 23. Everyone has some form of addictions and I liked to tan – but I never put Anna in the room. But I'm not tanning anymore and I was thinking how stupid it really is,” she said in a September interview.

As we reported last year, she claims her daughter, who showed up in school with burns on her skin, suffered the lesions by playing in the pool and garden.

“She had a half a day, she's out in the pool and she's a redhead and had just a little bit of sunburn on her back and if she would have been in a tanning booth it would have been her whole body.

“I was set up in this whole mess – it’s not true. When you ask about justice over here, I don't think there is any – there are liars and it’s very upsetting,” she explained.

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