Tammy Baldwin Is First Openly Gay US Senator

Democrat is first woman US senator from Wisconsin, also first openly gay senator

Democrat Tammy Baldwin has become the first openly gay senator in the history of the US and, at the same time, the first female senator from Wisconsin. History has just been written.

Her speech is in its entirety below.

Baldwin, who is openly gay, knows that her win is a historical one for the two reasons mentioned above. Still, she says, she didn’t run to make history.

“Now, I am well aware that I will have the honor of being Wisconsin's first woman senator. And I am well aware that I will be the first openly gay member,” Baldwin said, as the crowd around her cheered wildly.

“But I didn't run to make history. I ran to make a difference,” Baldwin added.

By winning, she aimed to become a senator for all Wisconsin, not just for those people who voted for her, she stressed, thus hoping to win the sympathy of those who did not feel she would be suitable to represent them in the Senate.

By winning, she aimed to deliver on all the promises she made during the campaign, including to those who could not find jobs or to pensioners.

The campaign, ABC News reports, was among the most expensive Senate races in the history of the US.

“The Baldwin-Thompson race was among the most expensive Senate races in the country, according to the non-partisan Campaign Finance Institute. Outside groups poured more than $40.2 million [€31.3 million] into the state and the two candidates raised $20 million [€15.5 million] combined,” the publication reports.

“Baldwin's win keeps the Senate seat long held by retiring Sen. Herb Kohl in Democratic hands, and ends a bitter race that pitted two long-time Wisconsin politicians against each other,” the same media outlet reports.

Below is the video of Baldwin’s full speech upon learning she’s won. America is moving forward, she said.

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