Tameka Foster Vandalizes Usher’s Car over Custody Fight

Singer calls the police on soon to be ex for not vacating the premises

R&B singer Usher is keeping mum on the subject of the nasty divorce proceedings that are meant to free him from wife Tameka Foster, but police documents speak louder than his own words would. The two announced they wanted a divorce in June this year, and have been exchanging bitter words ever since. The latest involved a September incident, when Usher called the cops on his wife after she refused to leave his premises and vandalized his car in a fit of rage, as TMZ confirms.

News of the incident broke just hours ago and, as before, both parties are singing different tunes. Tameka, for one, insists Usher and his camp continue to tarnish her public image so that they can later use it in the court of law when it comes to the custody of the children and whatever support she aims to get. Usher, on the other hand, claims Tameka is out of control and would do anything to have it her own way.

“According to the reports, Usher told the Johns Creek Police Department that on Sept. 10, he had a ‘verbal argument’ with Tameka over the phone regarding weekend custody of their children. Usher told cops that after the argument, he dropped his kids off at his mother’s house – but when he drove back to his home, Tameka showed up ‘demanding to take the kids.’ Usher claims Tameka eventually left and he drove back to his mother’s house – but when Usher got there, Tameka showed up and began ‘knocking on the door’ and making several phone calls to the residence. Usher claims he and his mom ignored Tameka – and eventually called police. When cops arrived, Tameka was nowhere to be found.” police documents just made public reveal.

Also then, Usher noticed several scratches on his truck, which he believed had been made by Tameka as she eventually left the premises frustrated and upset. The police looked at the evidence but refused to pursue the case, as there was no proof to support Usher’s claims, they say. Moreover, the police officers also looked at the entrance log to Usher’s “private neighborhood” and found Tameka was nowhere in sight at the time the alleged crime and altercation took place.

As Tameka puts it in a statement also released to TMZ, this is a clear case of dragging her image and good name through the mud. “This is just another attempt to disparage Tameka. It’s simply an angry ploy that has no merit. Tameka’s own truck was scratched but it’s not clear how. The truck is registered in her name, it’s not even Usher’s car. Why would she vandalize her own vehicle?” the statement reads.

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