Talks from Solve for X, Google's TED, Are Now Available Online

Solve for X aims to be a forum for the world's largest challenges

Google's Solve for X has now been made available officially. The website went live yesterday, but was only made accessible later. Google also explained the concept of Solve for X. Essentially, it's a conference and a forum for big "moonshoot" ideas.

The first such conference already took place at the beginning of the month. Google wanted to see how such a gathering could be organized and how it would work.

Entrepreneurs, innovators and scientists gathered to discuss their ideas, the things they are working on or the things that could be possible, no matter how unlikely.

Videos from that first event will now become available online on the new website. Some videos are already live and others will be published in time.

The plan now is to host this type of conference once in a while and have people working on big things explain their ideas.

"At least a few times a year, we hope that people will take a few hours or a day or two out of their busy schedules to dare to push the boundaries, and to consider moonshot approaches to some of the world’s many unresolved challenges," Astro Teller and Megan Smith, who co-hosted Solve for X along with Google's Eric Schmidt, explained.

"Solve for X isn’t about developing a new business line or building an investment portfolio. Rather, it aims to be a forum where technology-based moonshot thinking is practiced, celebrated and amplified. We invite you to come collaborate with us at," they said.

Six videos are now available online with people talking about their ideas or technologies for solving big problems ranging from water scarcity to drug delivery. All of the videos are from the first Solve for X Talk and others will become available from the other speakers, 17 of them in total.

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