Tagged Phishing Scam Leads Users to Rogue Pharmacy

Shady pharmacy sites are still popular among scammers

The large number of cybercriminal operations that promote rogue pharmacy sites make us believe that these types of scams still record a great success. More recently, fraudsters have begun relying on Tagged to dupe users into visiting the shady sites.

Avira experts reveal that the spam emails are well designed, but they don’t rely on any sophisticated mechanism. They present the recipient with the picture of an attractive woman and urge him to click on a button to see more.

Once the button or link is clicked, a pharmacy site is presented.

The same source states that phony emails that purport to come from YouTube are still making the rounds, informing recipients of notifications, rejected videos, terms of use violations, and video approvals.

In the end, they all lead to the same types of shady sites that offer great prices on drugs and other medical products.

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