Taft High School Shooting: Students Knew Gunman's Motive, He Made Threats

The school knew Bryan Oliver has made a hit list, he was suspended for it

A student at Taft High School in Bakersfield, California has shot a classmate, after arriving at school on Thursday, January 10. He has since been identified as 16-year-old Bryan Oliver.

The gunman's motive has been revealed yesterday, when we wrote about the boy feeling bullied by the victim. He attempted to shoot a second student, also pointing to him as a bully.

The student was stopped by a teacher who talked him into surrendering the weapon, becoming a local hero in the process.

It appears students at Taft were well aware of his motivation for lashing out, and his intent to do so by means of a mass shooting.

“If Brian Oliver shoots up the school, I swear to God. I have like four classes with him,” a girl using Twitter handle Allie Who said, one month before the incident.

On December 15, several other students commented on Oliver's alleged threats, according to KGET.

“It makes me kind of uneasy. It's unsettling, but what can you do?” Ashley Carr asked at a time.

As we wrote yesterday, he had made them during a school trip. During that winter break excursion, Oliver made a list of all those who picked on him, specifically singling out his future victim.

“He made a hit list. Why is he still allowed in school and he always talks about murder like he's obsessed with it.

“Yeah, he told Bowe (the victim of the shooting) that he watched five serial killer movies and thought of Bowe the whole time...creepy,” a female student tweeted.

The list was allegedly discovered by school officials, after he had long talked about it. Oliver was suspended for four days after it was found.

“Everybody knew about it. I honestly don't think someone who chooses to openly voice that they want to cause other students ill will, should not be able to be re-admitted to the school,” Carr said in an interview after the shooting.

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