Tablets Sold for Under $150 Only Need Cheaper Components

7-inch slates may become cheaper than even Amazon’s Kindle Fire series

By on December 15th, 2012 11:41 GMT

Ultrabooks aren't the only consumer devices that need to get their act together and actually become affordable. Tablets, too, are trying to get cheaper.

Right now, the cheapest 7-inch tablet that also enjoys a measure of success is Amazon's Kindle Fire, with a price of $199 / €199.

It is now theorized that 7-inch slates could actually go a step further and sell for under $150 / €150.

All they need is for components, especially the displays and touch panels (which account for 30-40% of the whole price), to actually become cheaper.

The first order of business would be for 7-inch FFS panels to be replaced by TN LCDs, maybe with wide-view angle compensation, cutting panel cost by half.

Costs can also be reduced by replacing 1 GB mobile DRAM with 1 GB commodity DRAM.

Also, cheaper NAND Flash chips would help. Rather than MLC or SLC< enterprise MLC would be best.

2013 is when sub-$150 / €150 tablets should make an appearance.