Tablets Based on AMD Hondo Z-60 APU Set for Mid-November 2012

The number of designs will supposedly be considerable

Notebook and smartphone vendors are focusing on Intel/Windows 8 and ARM/Android tablet designs at the moment, but while that does mean that AMD's Hondo APU has to play the waiting game, it doesn't imply that there won't be many of them.

Advanced Micro Devices released the Z-60 accelerated processing unit in early October, but it didn't give a very specific time of arrival.

That is to say, AMD only said that Z-60-powered tablets would debut later this year, probably as a means to ensure that they didn't drown in the torrent of Windows 8 on Intel/ARM models, which would begin on October 26.

A report now says that products designed with the APU are in significant number and will make their debut around the middle of November.

Unfortunately, the Sunnyvale, California-based company has yet to announce its partners, or the expected price point of APU-based slates.

We'd like to think sales will happen for under $599-699 / 599-699 Euro, but hopes aren't very high, not after the tags exhibited by the Windows 8 devices so far launched ($699-899 / 699-899 Euro, sometimes even more).

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