Tablet-Storing Display Stand Turns a Tablet Into a PC

For people who just can't go even one second without their tablet

Tablet accessories usually take the form of pouches, cases, maybe special headphones and the like, but the one that Sanwa made isn't an accessory as much as something to which the tablet itself can become an accessory.

Called “100-MR066,” the product is essentially a display stand for any monitor or HDTV that doesn't have more than one leg.

It actually looks like one of those PC cases that actually gave PCs the name of “desktops” in the first place.

People should not be fooled though. The stand is just that, a stand, albeit one equipped with a drawer that can hold tablets of varying sizes.

The tablet can be used as either an input device (assuming owners want to type on a touchscreen instead of a normal keyboard for some reason) or as a computing device.

It is even possible to store two tablets side by side in the drawer, although that doesn't mean that a cross-connection is in any way doable.

The main purpose of the Sanwa “100-MR066” is to combine the benefits of a mobile device with those of a large monitor.

The stand also supposedly saves desk space by storing the tablet within, although one has to wonder how that works when the stand itself is so much larger than the tablet.

Fortunately, the area below the stand is open and large enough to store the keyboard and mouse.

Of course, on a normal PC desk, there is a mobile platform where these peripherals are kept, so the extra stand beneath the monitor would be a bit out of place.

On the other hand, the stand is aesthetically sound, pleasing even, and can be pulled out just a tiny amount, thus permitting a slate or phone to stand upright.

The Sanwa stand measures 702 x 300 x 100mm (27.36 x 11.81 x 3.93 inches) and the drawer is just a bit smaller, at 659 x 217 x 19mm (25.94 x 8.54 x 0.74 inches). Orders can be made here, for 5,480 Yen (US$66 / 51 Euro).


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