Tabanacle, L Jinny and Proverbz Release #OpCensorDis2 Video

The new video is a TrueVision Filmworks production

Rappers Tabanacle, L Jinny (Lyricist Jinn) and Proverbz have released the video of the #OpCensorDis2 song, considered to be the new anthem of #OpCensorThis, a campaign initiated by TeaMp0isoN hackers back in 2011 as a form of protest against censorship.

As expected, the video, a TrueVision Filmworks production, pictures some individuals wearing the infamous Guy Fawkes masks, the symbol of the Anonymous movement.

However, the disclaimer from the beginning of the video reads: “This Track and Video constitutes an anthem created on behalf of Anonymous but does not necessarily reflect the views or beliefs of the artists involved.”

It’s uncertain whether hacktivists will ever revive OpCensorThis, considering that TriCk, the former TeaMp0ison leader, promised that he would only focus his efforts on legitimate hacking activities.

Check out the video and tell us what you think.

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