TV Shack Owner Very Likely to Be Shipped to the US

While still awaiting an appeal, chances are slim that he'll get to stay

UK authorities have no problem extraditing one of their own to the US for something that is legal in the UK and may very well be in the US as well. The crime is building a website, but not just any website, one that had links on it.

These evil links sometimes pointed to content, i.e. videos that were put online without the consent of their creators. This is about TV Shack of course, a "link site" the type of which UK courts found legal.

Which is why US lobbying groups gave up trying to prosecute people for running a site in the UK and want them shipped over in the US where the judges love media corporations and government-granted monopolies even more.

Not to be outdone though, the UK authorities figured that, if their own judges can't find these people guilty, then the least they could do is have the extradited on the assumption that they may have done something that is frowned upon.

The fact that UK authorities would do anything to please their US master isn't up for debate, they did invade Iraq after all.

But there was some hope that TV Shack's owner, Richard O’Dwyer a student, wouldn't be extradited out of the country he was born in to spend the next tens of months in a US prison possibly to be found not guilty.

This despite the fact that UK Home Secretary Theresa May approved the extradition and ignored all pleas for a reason. The last hope O'Dwyer has is the appeal to the High Court, scheduled for December.

O'Dwyer's mother, who has been very involved in all of this, obviously, has very little hope that her son won't be sent to the US to face charges. As such, she's preparing for the worst and trying to raise the funds she will need for the US trial.

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