TV Executives Want Michelle Obama for Her Own Talk Show

First Lady could launch a career in daytime TV if Obama doesn’t win the elections

First Lady Michelle Obama could launch a career in TV if her husband, Barack Obama, isn’t reelected President today. Several TV executives are already considering the possibility of giving her her own talk show, it has emerged.

The Daily Mail reports that, in case Michelle Obama isn’t America’s First Lady after the Presidential Elections, she could very well forge for herself a name in showbiz, with her own daytime talk show.

Comparisons between herself and Oprah Winfrey, dubbed the Queen of Television by the press, already abound – and no one knows yet whether Mrs. Obama would be interested in such a career in the first place.

Many believe Mrs. Obama is a natural in front of the camera, and the audiences love her. Her own talk show would be a hit.

“Personally I would like to see her in the White House. But if she were not going to be in the White House, I'd love to see her as the host of a show. She's amazing,” Hilary Estey McLoughlin, president of syndication company behind the Ellen DeGeneres show, says, as cited by the Mail.

Former CNN President Jon Klein agrees: Michelle Obama would be a great addition to any network, as host of her own talk show.

“Daytime syndicators are desperate for a new voice and she is tailor made for it. She’s thoughtful. She’s committed. She’s a working mom. She’d be a strong voice on issues important to her,” he is quoted as saying.

As noted above, no one knows whether Michelle Obama would be interested in such a career, for the simple reason that she never spoke about her plans after she leaves the White House.

However, if she does decide in favor of it, rest assured you’ll find out about it here.

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