TV Cancelation Causes Uproar: Fans Demand Thai “Nua Mek 2” Back on Screen

Channel 3 pulls popular drama with only 3 more episodes to go

Fans in Thailand are up in arms after Channel 3 decided to pull the plug on the controversial but extremely successful TV drama “Nua Mek 2” on political considerations, the Bangkok Post reports.

“The storyline of Nua Mek 2 (Beyond the Clouds or Beyond Comparison) above the cloud (literal Thai translation), focuses on a corrupt politician keen on profiteering on a satellite launch and a sorcerer who performs black magic to manipulate politics,” the publication notes.

The series premiered on December 14 and had just 3 more episodes to go when network representatives decided it was too inappropriate for the audiences. It was pulled off the air this Sunday.

“According to reports, Channel 3 executives and representatives from the government had a meeting and decided that the series should be taken off the screen right away because of its ‘inappropriate’ content. The reports also said Channel 3 told the series' director not to comment on this issue to the media,” the aforementioned media outlet writes.

The director and cast members are believed to have already booked international flights to avoid media scrutiny on the issue.

Left without their favorite show and no other means to fight the decision, fans have taken to social media to vent.

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