TSMC's Revenues Also Fall in November

The maker of NVIDIA and AMD GPUs reports on its progress

Just like Acer was forced to reveal unflattering financial numbers, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company has admitted to a drop in revenue during the month of November.

TSMC made NT$44.253 billion last month, which is about the same as $1.52 billion / 1.16 billion Euro.

The sum is, as shocking as it may sound, 11.38% lower than the revenue in October, and 23.41% lower than during November 2011.

No clear reason was given for this turn of events. Some may even find it odd that things went in this direction, with TSMC fully utilizing the 12-inch foundry capacity and most of its 8-inch capacity.

Nevertheless, the fact stands that TSMC could have done better somehow.

December will determine whether or not the foundry succeeds in meeting its target for the fourth quarter.

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