TSMC's 28nm Chip Supply May Finally Be Sufficient

AMD and NVIDIA should both have more than enough GPUs now

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company is the supplier of chips for Advanced Micro Devices (GPUs), NVIDIA (GPUs and SoCs) and Qualcomm (SoCs), among others.

Ever since the node went to work, chip yields haven't been as high as these clients would have wanted.

The situation was never as serious as during the time of 40nm sales, but it still restricted supply.

NVIDIA and AMD have had to be particularly vicious in their negotiations to secure contracts, as Qualcomm, TSMC's primary client, has been hogging most of the manufacturing capacity.

Recently though, Qualcomm has said it no longer has a constraint on 28nm, which means NVIDIA and AMD might have gone past that stage as well.

Even if they haven't, TSMC is sure to further increase manufacturing capacity in short order. Just a few short months or weeks more to go.

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