TSMC Thinks of Building a Plant in the US

There is sufficient circumstantial evidence for this, one might say

It was recently revealed that Bill Owens, a congressman from upstate New York, flew to Taiwan last year to discuss the potential placement of a TSMC manufacturing plant in New York.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company is supposedly showing interest in the area, which means that a manufacturing plant could be built in the US in the near future.

Also, earlier this month (November 2012), an unnamed company hired Deloite, a worldwide consulting and financial adviser, to scout for a location in the Rensselaer, Saratoga and Utica counties.

The areas had to possess supply to operate a 3.2 million square feet of buildings with 1000 employees, 40% of which would be college graduates (engineers).

Deloite also checked out the area where Globalfoundries’ Fab 8 was located, Luther Forest Technology Campus.

TSMC, or whichever company is in the market for some land, intends to create buildings with a height of up to 180 feet (55 meters) and a surface of 3.2 million square feet (nearly 300,000 square meters).

"Whoever is investigating these sites, regardless of who is looking, it is good for the state of New York. I am hoping it is TSMC. I am just very happy they are at this level of interest, this quickly," said Mr. Owens in an interview with Business Review.

TSMC has multiple clients that call upon its semiconductor manufacturing expertise. NVIDIA and Advanced Micro Devices are two of the most important, and both of them happen to be headquartered in the US.

TSMC is also negotiating with Apple for the making of its next-generation system-on-chip (set to be used in next-generation iPads and other devices).

Making a factory in the US, even if it has to spend billions on it, could be a good idea for TSMC. Labor may be cheaper in Asia, but the monetary difference should be balanced out by the lack of transit and import fees.

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