TSMC 28nm Chips Still in Tight Supply Apparently

This is not for reasons that some may be worried about though

Until late last year (2012), Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company had trouble meeting all orders of 28nm GPUs, CPUs and SoCs because it hadn't reached full manufacturing capacity.

Qualcomm, NVIDIA and Advanced Micro Devices all need to use that manufacturing node.

Now, though, while TSMC continues to have a tight supply, it is not due to any manufacturing trouble.

In fact, TSMC is fully utilizing its 28nm capacity. The problem is that even that is not enough, because of surprisingly high mobile device orders.

The company will keep boosting its supply capacity this year, until it makes three times more chip wafers than in 2012.

Smartphones and tablets are bound to sell well for many months, so there will definitely be demand, for Qualcomm SoCs and NVIDIA Tegra 4 or Tegra 4i platforms at least.

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