TLC’s “My Strange Addiction” Introduces Woman Hooked on Her Stuffed Lamb

Audrey is 27 years old but she can’t bear to be away from her blue stuffed lamb

TLC is again exploring the depth of (strange) addictions with its reality show aptly titled “My Strange Addiction,” with a new preview for the latest episode introducing Audrey, a 27-year-old woman from Los Angeles who can’t live without her stuffed lamb.

The cute lamb (a “he,” Audrey says) accompanies her wherever she goes, whether it’s at the gym, at the park, to work or running errands.

She talks to him, pets and kisses him, puts him on amusement rides and, every once in a while at least, tries to feed him some of the stuff she’s also eating.

“The lamb just sort of spoke something to me that no other stuffed animal has before,” Audrey says of how they first “met” 5 years ago.

She always liked stuffed animals, but she knew the moment she saw him that this would be special.

And special it is, she vouches.

“I think the lamb and I share a spiritual connection. When I look in the lamb’s eyes, I feel a sense of comfort and peace. I can just feel all the stress just floating up and away,” she explains.

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