TLC’s “My Strange Addiction” Introduces Woman Hooked on Eating Cat Hair – Video

Lisa can’t go 2 hours without eating hairballs, calls it “a bonding thing”

TLC won’t stop until it has included all the weirdest things out there in a reality show. A new preview for “My Strange Addiction” introduces the world to Lisa, the woman who is addicted to eating cat hair.

Check it out in the video below. The full episode airs on February 13.

Lisa calls eating her cat’s hair “a bonding thing,” but I have serious doubts about that.

She says she can’t go 2 hours without nibbling on a hairball, and even goes as far as to describe it “cotton candy like.”

She gets her fix from all over the place, from around the house but, if she wants the really good stuff, she goes straight to the source: the cat.

She can eat the hair off the comb or, even better (for Lisa), she can lick and groom the cat as if she were its mother.

Even the cat looks pretty shocked at what is going on.

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