TLC Airs Shocking Documentary of Miami Woman Who Ate Herself to Death

Dominique Lanoise weighed 689 pounds (312.5 kg) and had been bedridden for 2 decades

The other day, TLC aired the TV special “600-Pound Mom: Race Against Time,” the story of a Miami woman who weighed 689 pounds (312.5 kg) but could not lose enough weight to get the surgery that could have saved her life.

Two preview clips of the shocking special are embedded below, but *please note discretion is recommended when viewing them because of graphic content.

For quite some time, doctors struggled to save Lanoise’s life, putting her on a diet to lose enough weight so she could get the surgery that would save her life.

Not only did she gain more weight, but she actually ate herself to death: in March this year, Lanoise died, leaving behind 6 children.

The preview clips perfectly capture the plight of her girls and the desperation of the doctors and the staff trying to save Dominique’s life.

At the time she was turned down for surgery, she weighed 625 pounds (283.4 kg) but she gained more by the time of her death, in March this year.

Born in Haiti, Dominique wasn’t always overweight: she said she only started piling on the pounds after giving birth to her first child.

In 2010, after the earthquake hit Haiti, she had to stay put for 3 whole months because she could not fly out of the country. Her transfer to the US was done on a military cargo plane.

Once there, she was put on a diet and, for some months, actually managed to lose weight, even though she wasn’t even near the target weight for the surgery.

When Dr. Hernandez found out that she’d been eating large quantities of her regular food again and just sprinkling weight loss powder over it believing it would “counteract” calories, he was nearly on the verge of tears.

“She’s gone to town eating, there is no operation at these numbers. It wasn’t a one time slip-up it was a systematic assassination of her weight loss program,” he said, as seen in one of the videos.

Dominique ate herself to death.

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