TLC Airs Documentary on 8-Year-Old Who Never Ages: “40-Year-Old Child, a New Case”

Gabby Williams’ condition remains undiagnosed, but similar cases have been uncovered

Gabby Williams is an 8-year-old girl from Montana but you would never be able to tell it by looking at her: weighing just 11 pounds (5 kg), she looks like an infant. Her condition has been puzzling doctors for years, and TLC is offering a new insight into the case.

On August 19, the network will be airing the documentary “40-Year-Old Child, a New Case,” which also includes Gabby’s story. It will feature other, similar cases as well.

A preview for the documentary is included above.

As we also reported earlier today, Gabby’s condition is believed to be caused by a rare genetic mutation that prevents the body from growing old.

TLC calls such cases real-life instances of Benjamin Buttons, a direct reference to the story (and film) about a boy who aged in reverse: he was born looking like an old man, and died old but looking as a newborn.

As of now, doctors are yet to find the gene that causes the condition.

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