TINte Fall Release: the Natural Beauty Match Books

The new kits contain all that a true beauty addict would desire and need

At the beginning of this season, TINte Cosmetics took the make-up market by storm with the brand-new and multifarious Match Books, three different compact cases that seem to be the hit of the fall, and which have been especially designed to satisfy even the pickiest fashionista out there. Coming in three color palettes, what they're offering are actually three different gorgeous looks.

It's easy to embrace the manufacturer’s idea, knowing that you can find all the right "tools" in just one place. Women are promised "two eye shadow colors (a base and contour shade), a cream eyeliner, blush, two lip glosses and two brushes," and that's exactly what they get. No more trouble in choosing the right colors to pair – they're already matched for you and waiting to be tried on. For only $28, you've got yourself the perfect combination of colors for your lips, eyes and even for your cheeks.

As designers have already warned trend-followers, this season is all about the right shades – for your clothes, hair and especially for your make-up. With fashion tendencies running crazy, from the uttermost simplicity to theatrical appearances, choices in terms of color seem to be limitless. Yet, you should let your garment take the stage and put on a more discrete make-up. TINte provides you with a Blushed Beauty, with a Natural one, or with some dazzling Smoky Eyes, and all you have to do is choose the look that best suits you and your daily routine.

Just imagine how much weight your purse will actually lose, as you'll have replaced your heavy make-up bag with a tiny little "book." You can take the time for some "reading breaks" all day long now. This way, whenever you need to refresh your make-up, the perfect look is just a few "pages" away.

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