TDK Intros CLEF-P Sound Tuning Series Earphones

New earphone models seem to be braking cover every other day, TDK just launching the CLEF-P Sound Tuning Series earphones each of these three new models coming in with a different sound dynamic, best suited for listening to a certain type of music.

As a result of this decision, the Vocal Tuning model is designed to enhance vocals found in audio recordings, the Live Tuning model is designed to reproduce a live rock sound while the Mega Bass model adds more powerful bass to tunes, making it especially well suited for electronic music and other genres that rely of high-powered low frequency sounds.

Although each pair of earphones in TDK's CLEF-P series is tuned to offer a different sound dynamic, all of these solutions feature the same high-quality aluminum construction that also adds to the overall ruggedness of TDK's design.

Sound wise, all three models come with an 10mm proprietary driver that can deliver a sound pressure between 102dB/mW and 110 dB/mW, depending on the model (the Live Tuning model offering the greatest sound pressure), the dynamic range of TDK's latest creations coming in at 20Hz–20KHz, all these models also featuring 16 ohm input impedance.

Furthermore, TDK bundles these together with a convenient carrying pouch, as it seems to be the case with every other high-performance headphones available out there.

When it comes down to availability, TDK says these will be launched on December 20, 2010 just in time for all you late Christmas shoppers out there, although the company did not disclose any details regarding pricing so you should start up saving now if you don't want any surprises this Holiday season.

Money aside, each model will be available in three different colors and four sizes (ranging from XS to L), Japan being the first country set to receive these new earphones. (via akihabaranews)

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