T-Mobile's October-November Lineup Unveiled

Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices included

During this month and the next, wireless carrier T-Mobile is expected to bring a wide range of new mobile phones to the market, and some more info on these devices has just emerged.

Just as previously rumored, the mobile phone carrier is expected to add new devices to its lineup starting with November 2nd, but it seems that there are also new launches set to this month.

Among them, we can count the Samsung “Arnold,” which is none other than the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet PC, which should arrive on shelves on October 26th.

Before that, of course, the wireless carrier will make the already announced Samsung Galaxy S II and the HTC Amaze 4G available for purchase.

Also in October, the carrier is expected to launch the Huawei Sonic 4G Mobile Hotspot, which should go up for sale on the 19th day of the month.

Starting with November, T-Mobil customers will be able to purchase from their wireless carrier new devices that include BlackBerry smartphones, Android phones and tablets, and Windows Phones as well.

RIM's “Dumoine,” which is none other than the Blackberry Torch, should become available on November 9th, the same day as the Samsung “Robin” or Galaxy Tab Plus 7 tablet PC will, a recent report from TmoNews states.

Also in November, the carrier should launch new myTouch by LG devices, along with an LG Flip II, and the HTC “Omega,” which went official last month as the HTC Radar.

Other devices on their way to T-Mobile include the Huawei “Tallsome” and the Samsung “Ancora,” but no specific info on these handsets are available at the moment.

For the time being, only the release of HTC Amaze 4G and Galaxy S II are official, both set to arrive on shelves on October 12th, so keep an eye on this space for additional details on the matter.

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