T-Mobile USA: Samsung GALAXY S III Is Our All-Time Best-Selling Device

No specific figures were unveiled, but they must look impressive

One of the most popular Android smartphones available on the market, the Galaxy S III has just become T-Mobile USA’s all-time best-selling device.

The carrier proudly took it on Twitter to make the announcement, though no specific numbers were unveiled. Although we were expecting the Galaxy S III to sell in high numbers, T-Mobile’s announcement comes as a nice surprise.

It appears that selling such a high number of T-Mobile Galaxy S III units was easy for the US-based carrier, especially that it did not offer other on-par alternatives to Android enthusiasts.

The closest to Galaxy S III was perhaps the One S, though the HTC’s smartphone was probably far behind Samsung high-end device.

The next Samsung device that will released at T-Mobile USA, the Galaxy Note II is expected to have a similar success though it will be priced a bit higher.

Just like the Galaxy S III, the sequel to the Galaxy Note will be available in the US through multiple carriers, including Verizon Wireless, AT&T and Sprint.

Even though T-Mobile USA seems to be unwilling to offer its customers any iPhone model, the carrier has nothing against Microsoft, which means we will soon see at least one Windows Phone 8 being launched by the Magenta operator.

In fact, the carrier has recently confirmed it will offer the HTC Windows Phone 8X device in early November. Other Windows Phone 8 devices might be released at T-Mobile USA as well by the end of the year, but we’re still expecting official word from the carrier.

Unfortunately, Nokia fans will have to switch carriers if they want to grab the company’s latest Windows Phone 8 devices, Lumia 920. The smartphone will be exclusively available in the US via AT&T, which is said to have agreed to completely subsidy the Lumia 920.

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