T-Mobile Sidekick Users Have 50% Off Samsung Phones Until April 19th

Mobile phone carrier T-Mobile is determined to offer its Sidekick users the possibility to move to another device before the Danger service behind the entire Sidekick story is shut down on May 31st.

The wireless carrier already announced that it would put in place some special offerings for Sidekick users, so as to ensure a smooth transition to a new handset, and some more details on the matter emerged.

Apparently, the company would allow Sidekick users the possibility to purchase a new Samsung phone from its offering for 50 percent less than usual until April 19th arrives.

This means that it actually extended the availability windows of this deal by two weeks, from the April 5th ending date it announced in the first place.

A newly leaked document that emerged over at TmoNews shows this state of facts, along with some other details on the deal.

According to the said document, Sidekick users at T-Mobile that have data plans are upgrade eligible until May 31st.

It's rather strange that the 50 percent off offering for the aforementioned Samsung devices won't run until that day, though it should be noted that all T-Mobile Sidekick users who will be informed on the upcoming shut down of the service should make the move as soon as possible.

Another interesting piece of info that emerged now concerns the upcoming availability of a Sidekick 4G device, which T-Mobile might be set to put on shelves before June is here.

The company announced a while ago that it would launch a new Sidekick device, one based on Google's Android operating system, but did not unveil specific info on the matter until now.

However, it did put up on its website a sign-up page for the device, and all those who would like to be informed on when the Sidekick 4G would land should head over there to register for updates.

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