T-Mobile Launches HTC Kaiser as MDA Vario III

Any time now...

We should expect to see quite soon at T-Mobile the HTC Kaiser smartphone which will appear under the name of MDA Vario III, as the German operator will rename it. The handset brings some evolved solutions for best internet browsing experience.

HTC Kaiser will run on Windows Mobile 6 and looks very similar to previous versions of this phone model. Don't let the first looks deceive you, though, as this device manages to pack some special features. IT allows the display to lock at an angle to the keyboard, which makes it easier to read and write emails.

One more interesting feature which MDA Vario III will be able to offer to its user is that of the "tilting touch-screen". Through this, mobile internet browsing will be taken to the next level, as it will allow web pages to be fully generated in HTML format.

HTC Kaiser will also pack a 3 megapixel camera, meant to provide best image and video capture quality. A secondary camera is included for making it possible to place video calls at best quality and less resource consuming performances.

HSDPA performances make it possible for it to reach high data transfer speeds, of up to 3.6 Mbps from any place where it can find 3G connectivity. Moreover, the smartphone is capable of partial UMTS support for European regions and Wi-Fi local hotspots.

Along with the full QWERTY keyboard, this device is one of the most evolved business solutions for staying connected at all times with the latest events. The fact that it allows evolved document editing makes it useful in a large number of situations, making it possible to take work outside the office and make it mobile.

T-Mobile has made few comments on this future release. One sure thing is that we should be expecting it quite soon. There is a high chance that this will happen in August, this year, although no official announcement has been made for this.

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