T-Mobile Increases Prices for myTouch 4G and G2, Drops Mail in Rebate

After last week’s “mistake” with the Galaxy S 4G, which initially got a $149.99 price tag and then got upped to $199.99,T-Mobile has done it again and let slip price change announcements for a host of other devices.

According to the guys over at TmoNews, no less than 8 handsets are seeing price changes, including Samsung Vibrant, T-Mobile G2, Samsung Gravity 3 and T-Mobile myTouch 4G.

It is unclear what could have made the carrier take such an important marketing decision, especially regarding the T-Mobile G2 and the myTouch 4G, which are now more expensive.

Both 4G-enabled Android smartphones can be purchased for $249.99, which is $50 more than the original price. It seems that the carrier dropped the $50 mail in rebate, which was available for both devices until February 23rd.

However, while Galaxy S 4G, T-Mobile G2 and myTouch 4G are seeing a price increase, the myTouch Slide will start at $149.99 with a $50 mail in rebate, which lowers the final price to $99.99.

Three other inexpensive phones, Samsung Smiley, Gravity 3 and Gravity T, have also received new prices, but the changes are minor compared to those of the 4G smartphones.

It looks like the carrier is trying to squeeze more money from customers who wish to purchase a 4G device. Rumors are saying that T-Mobile is preparing to introduce an unlimited plan at a very convenient price, which might justify the higher prices for these 4G smartphones.

Still, it's rather odd to increase the prices of several older models to the point that they become more expensive than the device you have just launched, which is also better in terms of performance.

The Galaxy S 4G is up for purchase at T-Mobile USA for $199.99 with a new two-year contract and a $50 mail in rebate.


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