T.B. Apollish and T.B. Vegas Quad Case Fans Launched by Enermax

Both are ready to add some ventilation and color to high-end desktop PCs

Case fans aren't really necessary in the grand scheme of things, since CPUs and video cards have their own coolers, but they are very often used nonetheless, which is why Enermax saw fit to launch a couple of new series.

Since the company has a whole bunch of gaming cases, one of which has only recently debuted (Ostrog GT), it figured some new fans would be in order.

Called T.B. Apollish and T.B. Vegas Quad, they are compatible with the case mentioned above as well as Fulmo, Fulmo GT, Hoplite and Coenus.

Enermax chose to employ the Vortex design, which concentrates airflow to target areas. The blades also center the light in such a way that the brightness of the LEDs is magnified (circular type LEDs with 24 up to 4x6 diodes).

One might go out on a limb and say visual enhancement was just as important as silent ventilation, if not more so when Enermax designed the newcomers.

The T.B. Vegas Quad, for instance, have 4-color LEDS with blue, red, green and white, plus 6 lightening modes.

Meanwhile, the T.B. Apollish use the Circular Type LED fan with up to 18 diodes.

When the size is 18 or 20 cm (diameter), that makes for very bright case interiors and a strong aura of light for any of the cases mentioned previously.

Furthermore, there is no reason the fans cannot be affixed to other enclosures. Any chassis with a mesh front panel can light up with the right fan.

Enermax should already be shipping the T.B. Apollish and T.B. Vegas Quad fans. The former bears a price of $18.99 / 14.21-18.99 Euro, the latter is tagged at $24.99 / 18.70-24.99 Euro. These are for the 18 cm size. The 20 cm fans haven't been priced yet.

See the gallery below for press shots, complete with a view of the LEDs in multicolor mode.


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