SystemRescueCd 1.2.3 Has Better Support for EXT4

Includes new firmware and updated packages

François Dupoux announced two days ago, on August 10th, the immediate availability of the SystemRescueCd 1.2.3 operating system. The new version of this tiny Gentoo-based Linux distribution for system administration and data recovery tasks comes now with the alternative Linux kernel, a few important updated packages (NTFS-3G, e2fsprogs, GParted, Parted, dump) and a couple of other improvements. SystemRescueCd 1.2.3 also introduces initial support for Partclone 0.1.1. Without further introduction, let's have a detailed look at the main features of this new release of SystemRescueCd:

· Updated the alternate Linux kernel packages to version;

· Updated dump to version 0.4b42, with better support for the EXT4 filesystem;

· Updated Parted to version 1.9.0;

· Updated GParted to version 0.4.6;

· Updated e2fsprogs to version 1.41.8;

· Updated NTFS-3G (Advanced NTFS-3G Features) to version 2009.4.4-AR16;

· Added initial support for Partclone 0.1.1;

· Missing firmwares were added in this release.

Powered by the Linux kernel, SystemRescueCd 1.2.3 has support for many filesystems, such as EXT2, EXT3, EXT4, Aufs2, ReiserFS, NTFS or FAT32.

About SystemRescueCd

SystemRescueCd, a Linux-based Live CD, is a quick and easy way to repair systems and recover data after serious crashes. With tools ranging from partition managers and disk diagnostic mechanisms (like TestDisk and sfdisk) to basic day-to-day applications (text editors, Midnight Commander etc.), as well as support for all important filesystems, SystemRescueCd is a solution that anyone who is experiencing data loss or other system-related problems should consider using.

Download SystemRescueCd 1.2.3 right now from Softpedia.

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