SystemRescueCd 1.2.0 Has Linux Kernel

The default desktop environment is now Xfce4

François Dupoux announced yesterday evening the immediate availability of SystemRescueCd 1.2.0 Linux distribution. Big news comes with this version of the tiny Gentoo-based operating system for systems administration and data recovery, as it now has a new desktop environment, Xfce4, and it is powered by the just released Linux kernel Without further introduction, let's have a detailed look at the main features of SystemRescueCd 1.2.0:

Highlights of SystemRescueCd 1.2.0:

· Updated the standard Linux kernel packages to version;

· Updated the alternate Linux kernel packages to version;

· Support for the EXT4 and Reiser4 filesystems in Linux kernel;

· Support for the Btrfs filesystems in Linux kernel;

· Updated the Xorg Server to version 1.5.3;

· Replaced JWM with Xfce4, as the default desktop environment;

· Updated GParted to version 0.4.5 (with improved support for crypt-luks and dmraid);

· Updated FSArchiver to version 0.5.4;

· Updated TestDisk to version 6.11;

· Updated Photorec to version 6.11;

· Updated NTFS3G to version 2009.4.4;

· Updated GNU tar to version 1.22 (with LZMA support).

"A new fsarchiver version comes with this release. This program can be used to clone filesystems: it supports all the linux filesystems, including ext4 and btrfs. It’s also able to clone ntfs partitions. It can restore filesystems to a partition which is smaller than the original. It also comes with many interesting features: the compression is multi-threaded (interesting on multi-cores cpu), and it supports the very high compression algorithm called lzma (very good ratio and not too slow on quad-cores cpus). All the data are checksummed so it can handle corruptions." - said François Dupoux in the official release announcement.

About SystemRescueCd

SystemRescueCd, a Linux LiveCD, is a quick and easy way to repair systems and recover data after serious crashes. With tools ranging from partition managers and disk diagnostic mechanisms (like TestDisk and sfdisk) to basic day-to-day applications (text editors, Midnight Commander etc.), as well as support for all important filesystems, SystemRescueCd is a solution that anyone who is experiencing data loss or other system-related problems should consider.

Download SystemRescueCd 1.2.0 right now from Softpedia.

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