System76 Sells Servers with Ubuntu 7.10 Pre-installed

Canonical will provide support for Ubuntu Server

System76 Inc., a leading provider of Ubuntu pre-installed laptops and desktops, announced yesterday its first line of certified, pre-installed servers that run Ubuntu 7.10 Server Edition. The offer includes standard three-year parts replacement warranties and three years of operating system updates.

The System76 servers with Ubuntu 7.10 Server Edition will fulfill a large range of data center needs like email, virtualization, file and print services and customer relationship management. The rack-mount servers include Quad Core Intel XEON CPUs, with a storage capacity that goes up to 8 TB, and a maximum of 32 GB of memory.

Canonical, the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu, will provide support for Ubuntu Server. Canonical Global Support Services, available directly from System76, will provide customers expert advice, reduced cost of ownership and maximized return on investment. The compatibility of System76 servers and Ubuntu was certified by Canonical through strict validation and testing.

Carl Richell, president of System76, said:"The availability of 9 to 5 or 24/7 Canonical support extends our server line to those businesses requiring robust support for their mission critical applications."

Jane Silber, chief operating officer of Canonical, added: "From the beginning, System 76 has been at the vanguard of making Ubuntu available on rock-solid, certified hardware, first with laptops and desktops, and now with servers. This announcement attests to our partnership, to the increasing demand from partners and customers for the Ubuntu 7.10 Server Edition, and to the fact that Ubuntu is ready for the enterprise."

System76 started providing and supporting Ubuntu pre-installed laptops and desktops - and now servers - with an aim to enable consumers, companies, schools and governments to move on to open source software with the help of world class hardware, software and support.

About Ubuntu

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