Syrian Government Sites Attacked by Anonymous Following Internet Blackout

They were determined not to allow the "massive violation of human rights" to go unpunished

Shortly after they had stopped their attacks against the Israeli government, Anonymous hackers turned their attention back to Syria. The cyberattacks were intensified after the all Internet communications were blocked.

“Anonymous will NOT allow this massive violation of the human rights of the free Syrian people go un-punished. We feel this is a desperate move by a dying regime, one that has slaughtered tens of thousands of innocent civilians,” the hacktivists wrote.

The first targets were the sites of Syrian embassies from abroad, including the ones from China and Australia.

Other hacktivist collectives claimed to have breached the email account of Syria’s President, Bashaar Al-Assad.

After the Internet outage ended, a group called Teamr00t has defaced a number of three sites, including one belonging to a Syrian educational institution.

“President Bashaar Al-Assad You have taken a step too far in shutting down the internet so the outside world cannot see the horrific crimes you are committing upon your own people and this will not be tolerated by the world watching!” the hackers wrote on the defaced sites.

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