Syrian Electronic Army Hacks Sky News Apps in Google Play

It's advised that you uninstall the apps until further notice, Sky News says

The Syrian Electronic Army has done it again. They have now moved on from hacking Twitter accounts to Google Play.

The famous hacker group who hijacks Twitter and Facebook accounts of various media groups has compromised Sky News’ Google Play account, ITV reports via E Hacking News.

They have placed their logo and the signature “Syrian Electronic army was here” on the apps Sky News has on the Google Play store.

The logo and data can still be seen at the moment. All Sky News' Android apps seems to have been compromised and keeping them on your devices is no longer safe.

SkyNews confirmed the security breach through a tweet and said they were working on replacing the hijacked apps, advising users to uninstall the tools until further notice.

As mentioned above, this is the first time the Syrian Electronic Army has hacked into Google Play accounts, while they usually choose Twitter and Facebook accounts.

On Friday, they compromised the Twitter account of ITV News London, but they have also targeted other publications in the past, like the Telegraph, Financial Times and E! Online.

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