Syrian Electronic Army Hacks Anti-Shabiha Website for Supporting Armed Terrorists

The hackers say the site is publishing the details of innocent Syrians

The Syrian Electronic Army has hacked and defaced for allegedly publishing the details of innocent Syrians.

Shabiha is the term used to describe groups of armed men dressed in civilian clothing that support the Al-Assad government. They’re said to be mercenaries used by the government to crack down on dissent. The website aims to expose these individuals.

However, the Syrian Electronic Army says the site is actually publishing the names, pictures, and phone numbers of innocent Syrians.

The hackers have told me that the owner of supports armed terrorists and wants these people to be killed.

The attack on the website took place on Friday. However, at the time of writing, the site is still defaced with a message that reads, “hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army.”

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