Synology Launches Synology All-in-1 Storage Servers

Designed for SOHO and SMB Markets

Synology America Corp today announced the general availability of Synology products in North America, after it has launched its developments on the European and Asian markets. The first product released worldwide was Disk Station DS-101 in 2004.

The products launched are: Synology Disk Station DS-106e, which is an All-in-1 single drive storage server designed for home and SOHO users, and supports joining ADS domains and secured data transfer for SMB and SME environment, and Synology Cube Station CS-406 that supports RAID 5, includes a small footprint, and is much quieter than most PCs. RS-406 is a 1U rack mounthot-swappable RAID storage server.

In addition, Synology released its latest USB Station, which is a 3-in-1 server for sharing USB printers and USB storage. Synology iUSB is a Plug-n-Play USB backup device designed for the mobile user.

"I found a lot to like about the DS-106e. It had more features than any other off-the-shelf NAS that I've worked with and also multi-OS support. Its performance was top rate ... The user interface is also well thought out and executed," said in a recent review on Disk Station DS-106e by Tom's Networking, a highly regarded industrial opinion leader.

Synology products are designed for non-IT professionals and feature (all Synology Disk Stations and Cube Stations) backup solutions enabling users to safeguard automatically every piece of information using the free Synology Data Replicator, backup from Disk Station to a local USB drive (local backup), and backup from Disk Station to Disk Station (remote backup).

Furthermore, Disk Station DS-106 and Cube Station CS-406 support secured data transfer for remote backup, which can enable a small office owner to set up to two Disk Stations and replicate data from his office to his home.

For home users, Synology servers can work as an UPnP multimedia server, photo server, and download server in order for the users to download and share their multimedia collections without PCs.

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