Synology Intros New Plus Series NAS Devices

All of them are compatible with VMware vSphere 5 private cloud software

Rather than launch another regular network-attached storage device, Synology went ahead and has created a few that are more suited to virtual servers than home and small office networks.

Part of the existing Plus Series, they support vStorage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI) primitives, like Hardware Assisted Locking (ATS), Block Zero, Full Copy, and Thin Provisioning.

Businesses are the only customers that Synology is expecting, as consumers are unlikely to find much use for environment virtualization.

Speaking of which, the new Plus Series enable ”greater simplicity, agility and efficiency” without costing companies overmuch.

More information can be found here, although the price is not specified. Interested businesses will probably have to negotiate the amount and cost with Synology's representatives.

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