SymplyOS Leaf Is a Light and Interesting Distro Based on openSUSE

You can download SymplyOS right now from Softpedia

SymplyOS Leaf 13.9 3.1.4, a Linux distribution based on openSUSE that uses KDE, is available for download and testing.

There are so many Linux distributions in the world that sometimes it's difficult to keep track of each and every one of them. Despite what people might think about Linux distros, the truth is that most of them are actually uninteresting and of sub-par quality.

People are used to the quality of systems like Ubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint, or openSUSE, but not all distros have been created equal. In fact, users wouldn't install such distros because they simply lack a team with the manpower to make the operating system interesting.

It's not enough to base your system on another, bigger and more important OS, like openSUSE for example. You have to come up with something that sets you apart from the thousands of developers out there who are trying to make their own way.

The developer chose to build his system with the SUSE Studio tool, which is not exactly the most inspired choice. We tested another system called Cubicle OS just a couple of days ago and it was really terrible.

SymplyOS Leaf 13.9 3.1.4 is very different from Cubicle OS and all the packages have been integrated into the operating system with great care, which is obvious right from the start. It's based on KDE 4.10.5, which is not exactly the newest one available, but the developers have gone through the trouble of customizing the experience.

“SymplyOS is based on Linux, so it can't get any virus, worm or malware: a built-in firewall and virus protection come as standard. And if potential threats appear, we push updates and patches that you can install in just one-click. You get added security with AppArmor, which protects your important applications, so attackers can’t access your system.”

“And thanks to Chrome and gnome-keyring, SymplyOS helps you keep private sensitive informations. Whether it’s accessing your bank account or sharing data with friends or colleagues, you’ll have peace of mind when you need it the most,” reads the official website.

The developers are still working on this version and there is no indication of when it will be ready, but this release is not a stable one. It's likely that the final version might even get newer packages and some new features.

You can download SymplyOS Leaf 13.9 3.1.4 right now from Softpedia and give it a spin.

Remember that this is a development version and it should NOT be installed on production machines. It is intended for testing purposes only.

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