Symbian Foundation Adds New Member, Nuance

With a portfolio of speech and predictive text mobile solutions

Nuance Communications, Inc. announced on Monday that it had joined hands with the Symbian Foundation, a move that would offer it the possibility to work on the development of innovative mobile solutions so as to simplify and enhance the handset based on the Symbian platform. The OS, as many of you might already know, powers more than 250 million mobile devices all around the world.

“The Symbian OS brought smartphones to the mainstream and powers among the most advanced devices on the global market,” said Michael Thompson, senior vice president and general manager, Nuance Mobile. “We expect that the adoption of Series 60 phones from Nokia, Samsung, LG and others is going to rapidly expand over the next few years. This proliferation of Symbian’s open source platform provides Nuance with an exciting opportunity to bring our innovative speech, predictive text and handwriting solutions to an increasingly pervasive mobile platform base around the world.”

According to the company, the fact that it has joined forces with the Symbian Foundation will offer other Symbian members the possibility to enhance its mobile voice and text input solutions so as to ease the development of intuitive multi-modal interfaces to leverage the user experience. In addition, Nuance’s solution will also enable third-party development and enhancement, so that users will have the opportunity to obtain a maximum benefit from their devices.

The Symbian Foundation provides one of the most complete mobile software platforms in the world, the company says, while also adding that its portfolio of mobile solutions should be complemented by the mobile ecosystem the Foundation fosters. The Nuance speech and predictive text solutions can already be found on numerous Symbian Series 60 devices. The company says that its products have been shipped along with more than 4 billion devices coming from a variety of manufacturers all around the world. More details on Nuance's solutions can be found on its website.

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