Symbian Belle for Nokia N8 Comes “Early Next Year” (UPDATED)

Confirmed by Nokia UK, but no specific release date is given

Nokia N8 is one of the smartphones that were supposed to be the Finnish company’s flagship smartphone for quite a while. However, the smartphone was replaced after a year by Nokia N9, on a limited base, and more recently by the Lumia 800.


Initially launched with Symbian^3 on board, the N8 received a major software update back in October, so most owners should now have Symbian Anna installed on their devices.


Unfortunately, this is not enough for an ex-flagship device that has the hardware, but not the software to compete with other smartphones in its price range.


Even though the phone’s beastly 12-megapixel camera is one of the best in the market, the 680 MHz processor can barely keep up with today’s modern handsets.


Although Nokia is determined to change the old and totally unattractive software that is still included with the N8, the company has yet to reveal any details concerning any upcoming updates.


Oh well, if we don’t have any official statements yet coming from Mr. Elop himself, which seems to talk Windows Phone only, we’re going to get information through other channels.


In this regard, it looks like Nokia UK shed some light on the Symbian Belle launch timeframe. Responding to a Nokia N8 owner the company said that Nokia N8 will receive the long-awaited Symbian Belle update next year: “Symbian Belle will be out early next year.”


Obviously, even after the deployment of the Symbian Belle update on the Nokia N8, the smartphone won’t suddenly become one of the most appealing devices launched by Nokia.


Still, Symbian Belle is meant to compensate all those faithful Nokia fans that got themselves the N8 despite the fact that Android and iOS currently offer the best mobile platforms on the market.


We will update with fresh info as soon as Nokia comes forward with more details on the Symbian Belle update for the Nokia N8.

UPDATE: The folks over at AllAboutSymbian received a somewhat official statement on the matter which confirms that Symbian Belle will be rolled out in early 2012 for all Symbian Anna smartphones:

"We will make Nokia Belle available to consumers globally by rolling out the Belle software for the existing Nokia range of smartphones such as N8, E7, X7, C6-01, C7, Oro, E6, and Nokia 500 in early 2012. With that, millions of consumers around the world will get a totally fresh experience on their Symbian smartphone."


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