Symantec Reveals Solution Portfolios for Making the Cloud Safe and Efficient

The company is rolling out products to help organizations regardless of their approach

In five years from now, a large majority of organizations will have moved their operations to the cloud. However, the cloud of the future will be not only safe, but also agile and efficient.

At least that’s what security firm Symantec hopes to achieve by extending its security, data storage and information management expertise.

With the rapid adoption of the cloud, by both private and government organizations, data centers will become a profitable target for attacks launched by crime syndicates and nation states.

In order to help organizations overcome the challenges, Symantec provides three cloud solution models that can be adopted based on their business needs.

For businesses looking to extend their IT to leverage third-party clouds, the security solutions provider offers Symantec File Sharing Encryption (expected to become available in the first half of 2013) and Symantec O3 for securing cloud access control points.

Enterprises that choose to build their own clouds can rely on products such as the new Symantec Protection Engine for Cloud Service Providers and the Virtual Business Services feature of Veritas Cluster Server.

For companies that want to “consume” hosted cloud services safely, the new Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition 2013 – which is already available in some countries – and are recommended.

“Symantec has proven solutions with industry leading technologies to protect companies, information and people,” Francis deSouza, group president at Symantec’s enterprise products and services, explained.

“Wherever companies go with clouds, Symantec will provide the protection and control they need across public and private cloud environments.”

Fujitsu shares Symantec’s vision on cloud computing.

“Fujitsu recently completed a global survey of cloud decision makers and found 76 percent of respondents had concerns about cloud security. Symantec and Fujitsu together recognize the current challenges that organizations face when pursuing cloud deployments and together can help them move to the cloud with confidence,” said Fujitsu’s Cameron McNaught.

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